Our Heritage team is comprised of industry experts to select unique physical assets: classic cars, wines, arts and collectibles. We believe it is our duty to contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage and we see unique value in this alternative asset class:

Uncorrelated to the market
In times of market turmoil, such as the 2008 crisis or the coronavirus pandemic, investments in this alternative asset class are fairly insensitive to the macro economic context.

Tangible asset
Intrinsic value that makes it suitable for preserving wealth as a medium to long-term investment.

Increasing demand
Globally, due to new emerging economies, more people have the means and need to invest in alternative asset. Combined with reduced supply, this makes prices go up.

Wine & Spirits

Our experts use their exhaustive understanding of the wine landscape to select wines and producers with the best relative value and growth prospects.


Our experts believes the rarity, the desirability and the original value/provenance to be the key drivers for future value appreciation of a Classic Car.

Arts & Collectibles

Our research team uses our proprietary data to determine which artist markets have the most momentum and we believe produce the best risk-adjusted returns.